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Global event company BII World organized an award ceremony called Africa Bank 4.0 Awards sponsored by Dubai’s Network International. There were other sponsors of the Africa Bank 4.0 Summit that was held from 23rd May 2022 to 26th May 2022 at the Movenpick Hotel, Nairobi. The event brought together banks CEOs, top management of fintech companies and other financial services institutions drawn from across Africa.

The award ceremony celebrated banking leaders who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in the development of banking industry in Africa. The Award also acknowledged the contributions made by the Kenya Bankers’ Institute (KIB) for its efforts in educating the banks and the CEO of KIB Dr. Julius Alego was present to receive the award.

The award ceremony marked the first of the Africa Bank 4.0 Award series. It is a good idea to award banking practitioners and fintech innovators for their work in advancing the development of access to finance across the African continent. Some of the companies that were represented at the summit include Equity Bank, Mastercard, Lipa Later, Eclectics and others.

According to a publication on the organizers, this is the reason why the award was created:

“Africa Bank 4.0 Awards have been constituted to recognise and appreciate the efforts of various organizations, associations, and service providers in the field of financial services.

We seek to honour the pioneers and visionaries who are going the extra mile to transform the Fintech industry and making access to finance in Africa accessible, innovative, convenient, and affordable.

We admire the great brains who are coming up with breakthrough technologies in every aspect of Fintech to provide better and enhanced digital inclusion. Technologies from startups, banks, and technology solution providers have ground-breaking research needs to grab the centre stage.

The award show will set a benchmark, inspiring other organisations and startups to attain their own goals.”